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About Us

We are Churchill’s Photography, and we are a husband and wife team that has been in love and married since 2006! Yes, I married my college professor and yes John-Paul is related to Winston Churchill….somehow. 🙂

We have a daughter Eva who has been a part of our lives since 2011 and is, well, the cutest kid EVER!!!

We have a dog Nola who puts up with Eva’s hugs and attempts to play.

We love meeting new people and making new friends! We love hanging out with our family and believe that they made us who we are today.

We are grounded in our faith in Jesus Christ and He is the CEO of our business. We honor the Sabbath so we do not work on Sundays. Just think of us as the Chick-fil-A of photographers. 🙂

We laugh hard and act silly. You may find us skipping through the Magic Kingdom or making up ridiculous songs in the car.

We always brake for Garage Sales and will paint anything white that comes into our house!

We love to entertain and to give gifts  and hang out with friends.

We are the Churchill’s.


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