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South Florida Wedding Photography| Mark and Dana’s Elopement

May I just say that I’m now a huge fan of elopements, people from Wisconsin, high school reunions and the Casa Grandview!  Mark and Dana have the coolest story! We talked to them on a Wednesday over the phone and took pictures at their elopement on Friday. Since it was so last minute we didn’t really get to know them until during the shoot so we kind of took pictures and became acquainted.  The story unfolded as we went along. Turns out that they had met at their 30th high school reunion and got together. They had known each other slightly in high school but after graduation they parted ways and didn’t meet until the reunion and them *boom*!  Fast forward a few months and they decided to elope! After some research on warmer locales for a wedding (Wisconsin wasn’t cutting it) they settled on the charming Casa Grandview in West Palm Beach.  That’s where we came into the picture and got to be together with them.

Now, I said I was a huge fan of elopements. Well, let me explain. First they are super, super relaxed. It was just us, the couple and the owners of the b&b.  The timeline was relaxed, the couple happy and the photographers not rushed! And here’s the cute part…even though it was relaxed Dana was still nervous and excited!

Which leads me to say why we love Mark and Dana.  Have you ever been to a wedding where the couple just beams, giggles, cuddles and generally acts like a couple of lovebirds?  Well, that was our couple!  They were so incredibly cute! Let me just say that love knows no age boundaries!

And, of course, the Casa Grandview was a dream to shoot at. It was the perfect intimate, lovely spot for a couple in love. Never get tired of shooting there. And Cheryl and Kirk, the owners and witness and officiant at the ceremony, were splendid to work with!

Please, if there are any other elopements out there, get in touch with us!!:)

This is pretty typical…they couldn’t stop laughing! Mark would act like, well, a highschooler and Dana would just giggle and laugh.:)

Cheryl and Kirk, owners of the Casa Grandview, witnessing and officiating at the cermony.  Kirk pulled out his suit for the occassion.;-)

Now, this part really got us. After they were pronounced man and wife and kissed they just hugged and held on to each other for the longest time. It was so touching and wonderful!

So, this is funny. When we got there Dana came strolling out of their bungalow with a vase of flowers and a box of cling wrap. Nothing like improvising your wedding bouquet!  Jolie helped out and used her hair tie to put together a pretty great bouquet at the last minute.:)

As you can see Dana is a very beautiful woman. She was a joy to photograph! Plus she had some modeling in her background (easy to see why) which made it so easy.

Dana Merriman - May 19, 2011 - 6:46 pm

This series just took me back not quite a month ago when it was all happening! You are kind to give us credit but YOU GUYS are the fun ones, and Jolie was especially a trooper as she was just a couple days away from her own “special delivery”! The Casa is a dream come true, Churchill’s were perfect… the first of a couple orders of pix have arrived from Pictage (not the book yet though, that takes more time to put together I guess), all just terrific. THANK YOU!

Margie Griggs Visnick - February 27, 2012 - 1:14 pm


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